Kravita Foods

Our Story

Our Story

Kravita is originated from ‘Kra’ representing Cravings ‘vita’ means for life. Learnt from the homemade grandma recipes of various healthy Snacking options, Kravita brings the unique healthy homemade recipe snacks for busy moms and grandmoms who want to feed their family with healthy snack options but have limited time to prepare it themselves.

Ruchita Bagga

Founder Kravita

From the Founder’s desk

Being a core marketing professional, observing and fulfilling customer needs and desires comes very natural to me. Post experiencing the journey of being new mother and now a mother of 2 kids, I have realised the needs and challenges of every mom starting from lactation to feeding their kids with a healthy snack option or looking for homemade recipes for older parents to avoid health issues.

Kravita was born from the concern of ready to eat availability of tasty and nutritious homemade snack full of nutrition that not only suffice the daily nutrition requirements but also fulfil the cravings for tasty, delicious food in a healthy way.

Kravita’s Superfood Promise

At Kravita, we love using variety of super foods to make these unique healthy ready to eat food for all age groups. Mix of all natural super healthy ingredients like dry fruits, wheat, ragi, oats, desi ghee, gond, kamarkas, kacchi haldi etc along with natural sweeteners like raisins, date powder, jaggery and topping with berries or dried fruits.