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Kravita Instant Besan Sheera Mix

Kravita Instant Besan Sheera Mix

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No Sugar Instant Besan Sheera for Babies, Toddlers and Kids | Natural Homemade Remedy for Cold and Cough

Gram flour | Desi Cow Ghee | Turmeric | Almonds | Makhana | Black Pepper | Jaggery | Cardamom Powder

Besan Sheera is an age-old remedy which is used to soothe cold and cough in babies, toddlers and kids. You might have seen your dadi or nani make this yummy sheera whenever someone caught a cold in your family. Kravita brings the same homemade remedy that can be made instantly, you just need to add hot water and mix it well.

Made with besan or gram flour, ghee, turmeric, black pepper, nuts and cardamom powder, Kravita Instant Sheera mix is an effective home remedy that work wonders on cold and cough. As a powerhouse of antioxidants, Gram flour or besan is considered effective in clearing nasal tract and helps in normal breathing. As a rich source of Vitamin B1, it reduces weakness and fatigue caused by cough and cold and provides instant energy. Powdered nuts and jaggery adds the much-needed nutrition and sweetness to it, which makes the sheera delicious as well as tempting for your baby.

Try out this nutritional, healthy, tasty and ready to eat instant sheera mix loaded with super healthy ingredients. Just like you would put that extra love to your dishes for your baby, we put in our love and care to bring to you these instant dishes that taste just like home with loads of nutrition! Please note that while Besan Sheera may provide relief and comfort, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If symptoms persist or worsen, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional.

* Hassle free nutritional homemade meal *Instantly made. Just add hot water. * Best to protect babies and toddlers from cold and cough * Ready to eat healthy meal * Travel friendly

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Wholesome Nutrition
  • Instant mix made with Gram Wheat Flour, Desi Cow Ghee, Turmeric, Roasted Dry Fruits and Natural Sweetener
  • Effective remedy for cold and cough in babies, toddlers and kids
  • Ready to eat in 1 minute. Instantly made, just add hot water, and besan sheera mix is ready
  • No Sugar, No Salt, No preservatives, No added colour or flavours
  • Turmeric has anti-septic properties, which further helps in soothing and treating cold and build immunity.
  • Black pepper has antibacterial which relieves a scratchy throat
  • Made with Soaked Almonds making it easier to digest with more nutritional benefits.
  • 100% Natural, Healthy and Tasty
  • Wholesome Nutrition with 8 Super Healthy Ingredients - Desi Ghee, Gram Flour, Turmeric, Soaked & Roasted Almonds, Roasted Foxnuts (Makhana), Black Pepper, Jaggery and Cardamom Powder
  • Goodness of Dry fruits - rich in protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins K, B, and E
  • As a rich source of Vitamin B1, it reduces weakness, fatigue and provides instant energy.
  • All Ingredients are grounded and mixed for delicious taste
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Can be consumed in any season
  • Best before 4 months from the date of packaging

Size: 200 g

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A perfect instant healthy and nutritious tried and tested homemade remedy for babies and toddlers to protect them from cold and cough. Made with 8 super healthy ingredients with no added sugar and preservatives, this sheera is must for your baby to build immunity, boost energy and get instant relief. Healthy, Tasty and ready to eat sheera mix with loads of nutrition and health benefits for your little one.

Boost Immunity

Boost Energy

Gentle on Digestion

Soothes Sore throat

Relief from Cold and Cough

Increase Weight

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