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Besan Sheera: Effective Homemade Remedy for Cold and Cough

16 Feb 2024
Besan Sheera: Effective Homemade Remedy for Cold and Cough
Besan Ka Sheera, a traditional yet sure shot remedy for cough & cold this winter. Kravita’s instantly made home food; besan ka sheera will be your kid’s go to food this season. It has all the natural ingredients like Besan, Desi Cow Ghee, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Almonds, Makhana, Cardamom Powder, Jaggery. This helps in boosting a kid’s immunity and fulfils the nutrients body need this winter. Also protects your child from repulsive cold & cough. It’s easy to digest and easy to make, no extra hassle. You just need to add warm water and instant tasty & healthy besan ka sheera is ready to keep your toddler’s little hunger away.

Here's how besan sheera might be considered effective:

Soothing Effect: The warm and soothing nature of besan sheera can help provide relief to a sore throat and ease discomfort associated with cough and cold.

Hydration: Besan sheera is made with water, which contributes to hydration. Staying hydrated is important; especially when dealing with a cold, as it helps soothe the throat and prevents dehydration.

Nutrient Content: Besan (gram flour) is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. During illnesses, maintaining proper nutrition is crucial for the body to recover. Besan sheera can be a nutritious addition to the diet.

Desi Cow Ghee: Ghee is often used in besan sheera. It is believed to have medicinal properties in traditional Ayurvedic practices and may help in soothing the respiratory system.

Cardamom: Many besan sheera recipes include cardamom, which not only adds flavor but also has potential benefits for respiratory health. Cardamom is believed to have antimicrobial properties and may help alleviate cough symptoms.

Turmeric: Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and it may help reduce inflammation in the body. This can be particularly useful for kids who may experience inflammation due to common conditions such as colds, flu, or minor injuries.

Black Pepper: Black pepper has been used in traditional medicine to help relieve respiratory conditions. It may have mild expectorant properties and can be beneficial during times of cough and congestion.

Almonds: Almonds are packed with essential nutrients, including protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients are vital for the overall growth and development of children.

Makhana: Calcium is essential for the development of strong bones and teeth in children. Makhana contains calcium, contributing to bone health.

Jaggery: Jaggery contains several essential nutrients, including iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins. Iron is particularly important for children as it plays a crucial role in the formation of haemoglobin and prevents iron-deficiency anaemia.
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