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Kravita Dabra for Lactating Mothers

10 Feb 2023
Kravita Dabra for Lactating Mothers

Dabra is traditional punjabi name used for post delivery Panjiri made at home by Mothers for their daughters and daughter-in-laws. It is a tradition to gift Panjiri post delivery to new mothers for their good health and recovery. 

Dabra has been used from generations to restore energy, nourish the body, and help new moms recover from childbirth. It is made from a mixture of whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar, nuts, and spices and have healing properties. The combination of ingredients helps to replenish vital nutrients lost during labor and delivery while providing energy and strengthening the mother’s body. 

New mothers can benefit from consuming panjiri in lot of ways:

•    Helps regain strength quickly after giving birth
•    Promotes flow of breast milk
•    Helps reduce fatigue and improve digestion
•    Boost immunity levels in new moms which can help protect them against infections or illnesses in the days following childbirth
•    Provides energy and cures postnatal depression
•    Removes excess fluid from uterus
•    Helps get the uterus back to its normal self after delivery 
•    Helps keep body warm from inside 

Incorporating panjiri into your diet plan during this time can provide important nutrients that are beneficial for both mother and baby. With the help of homemade panjiri, you can enjoy this nutritious treat without having to compromise on its deliciousness.

Ingredients used in this panjiri brings wholesome benefits to new mothers. 

✓   Dry fruits and Nuts - rich in protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins K, B, and E
✓   Acacia gum (Gond ) - has nutritional properties helps to boost immunity and lactating women milk production 
✓   Kamarakas – has nutritional properties that helps to reduce joint pains and ease digestion post delivery

Are you looking for easy-to-make recipes for delicious panjiri to make at home? Look no further. Kravita brings superior high quality range of Homemade Panjiri that can provide you with the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

You can choose any of the Panjiri as per your taste and preferences:

  • Traditional Panjiri - Dabra made with Desi Ghee and Desi Khand 
  • Dabra with Date Powder - made specially for mothers who are looking for low sugar options 
  • Dabra with Cocoa Powder - made for chocoholic mothers
  • No Ghee Dabra with Olive Oil - made for mothers who either are allergic to ghee or are more calorie conscious
  • Dabra with Kacchi Haldi - for mothers who are more prone to infections or cold/cough symptoms post delivery 

Lets explore and enjoy this ready to eat homemade delicious healthy panjiri with traditional flavours without hassle of making it at home.

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